Hi! My name is Meshach(mee-shaq) Rojas(row-haas) and I specialize in Animation and UI Design. I enjoy creating things that people can interact with directly.

I am working on combining my animation knowledge with my mobile/UI design. I believe animation has a huge role when it comes to mobile devices and user experiences. Objects in the interface should not appear out of no where as if they are magic. They should flow in a logical and attractive way. This is achieved by using good animation techniques. Using this idea, I have begun my journey into the realm of mobile app design. My first project has finally been completed! Check out Platyplanet in the Google Play Store (coming soon to Apple) or search, “platyplanet”

Currently I design and animate broadcast treatments and graphics for NBC Sports as a Motion Graphics Designer. Since 2008, I have worked across various fields and picked up experience in Animation, Coding Logic, Color Correction, Compositing, Concept Pitching, Gaming, Interactive/UI/UX Design, Mobile Design, Motion Graphics, Typography, and most importantly… learning (from failures along with successes).

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